Spirituality of Carmel

,,My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.”

(Ps 42,2)

The Presence of God in man’s life

Every believer, especially a Christian, cannot do without a deep conviction of God’s Presence in his life. Carmel is a family in which this truth is particularly deeply lived. The primacy of God is dominant and becomes a life experience, that is not the margin but the center of human life.

Listening, agreeing and realizing God’s Will

Devotion to the Our Lady of Mount Carmel is a hallmark of the Carmelite spirituality. Mary is the model of a contemplative and apostolic vocation. The awareness of the presence of God and Mary in human life determines the spirituality of our Order.

The infinite value of prayer

Prayer is the basis on which our whole life rests. It is not one of the many things to do in life, but it is the essence of Christian life: one should always pray and not lose heart.

Transforming asceticism

Through asceticism, i.e. various renounces and sacrifices made for the love of God, man opens himself to grace. God’s action purifies his heart, mind and will, making him capable of communion with his Creator.

Sense of the Church

Every man striving for personal sanctification should share received graces and gifts with others, thereby enriching the whole Church of Christ.

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